How important is e-marketing?

E-marketing is the application of the principles of marketing by using the internet, mobile phones and more.  Zvoid is specialized in planning digital marketing campaigns that aim at promoting your business and focus on the uniqueness of it.

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Planning and consultancy

First of all, we always discuss your business with you to understand more what it is and who is the main audience for your service. Then, we set a strategic plan, which in turn helps you reach your marketing goals in a more specific way. We invest everything we learned about the common steps to affect the various digital marketing platforms in making you an effective plan. 

Managing the social networks

Management of social networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Design of visual identity on social networks
  • Write relevant, cohesive and interesting content 
  • Respond to customers and followers 
  • Writing reports on how to bring more visitors and potential customers, based on extensive studies on the traffic
  • View and market the services with innovative ideas on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter 
  • Bring followers in creative and authentic ways

Advertising by search engines SEM

Tag words for search engines, which makes it much easier for customers to find your service. It shows your ad on the top of the search results page.
  • Manage your account through a Google Certified Administrator
  • Manage your account from one of Google Certified Partners
  • Manage and improve common databases such as negative keywords
  • Get accurate and detailed reports on similar words that can increase the traffic and effectiveness
  • Use the most advanced tracking methods to save lists of customers

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is very crucial to the way you represent your product or service. This is the first impression people have of you and it needs to be as impressive as possible. Some members of our team are SEO experts and they will make sure your business always appears on top in the different most-visited search engines, like Google. 

Image ads and CPM

Animated advertising banners on the most famous social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and the large Google Ad Network. This lets you achieve wonderful features:
  • Compared to traditional marketing, this lets you reach the best results more effectively and in less time and money investment
  • Fair Price
  • Interactive mobile ads where you can view your products
  • Accurate and specific targeting by age, gender, and residential area
  • By using CPM, our clients are more satisfied. Facebook is one of the platforms that accept CPM. This way, the advertiser pays a specific amount for every one thousand views or clicks of an advertisement.

“I needed help with promoting my new business, and Zvoid managed to launch and lead the perfect marketing campaign I could ever imagine!”


Founder - Ori Sterman

“We learned about the importance of having a website and a mobile app for our business recently. We were happy to find a company like Zvoid to cover both and deliver excellent results.”

Trade N Cars

Owner - Hosni Khalil

“More and more people heard about my business after Zvoid built a website and a mobile app for it. Zvoid also led a strategically great marketing plan for my business.”

Pizza Tarara

Owner - Maya Raimony