Business Identity

What is business identity?

Similarly to the identity that identifies us as human beings, a business or a corporate identity is basically what differentiates our business from other ones.  It is the face of the business and hence the first focal point to present. Any business is distinctive through the image that it presents to the world, such the logo, the business cards and more

A Winning Combination

The combination of technical capabilities, special designs,
creative ideas, and outstanding marketing plans guarantees the success of your service.

Favorable Pricing

Whether you have a big budget or a small budget for your project, it doesn‘t matter! We can go with any budget you have and make sure you receive the best results.


Our work is authentic as our hardworking and professional team is always ready to come up with creative ideas and unique projects.

Stages of building a business identity

  • 1

    Logo Idea

    The first step is always understanding the analyzing the concept of your business to come up with the most suitable logo.

  • 2


    Researching, thinking and finding, by brainstorming, the best way to represent your business to the targeted audience.

  • 3

    Colors and fonts

    Selecting the colors that match most the nature of the company and excluding any colors or patterns that do not focus on the major aspects of your work.

  • 4


    Using current design software programs, such as Photoshop and Illustrator to output the logo to the final version in accordance with the successful logo criteria.

Customer opinions in service

“I needed help with promoting my new business, and Zvoid managed to launch and lead the perfect marketing campaign I could ever imagine!”


Founder - Ori Sterman

“We learned about the importance of having a website and a mobile app for our business recently. We were happy to find a company like Zvoid to cover both and deliver excellent results.”

Trade N Cars

Owner - Hosni Khalil

“More and more people heard about my business after Zvoid built a website and a mobile app for it. Zvoid also led a strategically great marketing plan for my business.”

Pizza Tarara

Owner - Maya Raimony